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Trees From Above

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert einstein

JEJAWI aims to transform the way rainforests are viewed by businesses

There is an urgent need to protect rainforests in South East Asia, to enhance biodiversity, and sustain livelihoods dependent on rainforests for ecosystem services. JEJAWI works with businesses and other stakeholders to help protect rainforests, leverage nature-based solutions (NBS), and enable green financing mechanisms.



  • Convention on Biological Diversity and climate change mitigation

  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement

  • Framework on biodiversity management and policy development

Red Eye Frog


  • Financially evaluate the benefits of biodiversity

  • Calculate costs of species loss and ecosystem degradation

  • Build on existing knowledge and establish networks with government, private sector and academia



  • Project design for forestry carbon credits

  • Develop carbon offset projects that protect and compensate for forest/catchment protection

  • Compliance with VERRA and VCS-CCB Standards

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