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greenhouse gas

quantification & reporting

Quantify the consumption of natural resources and emissions resulting from business operations

Global warming and climate change are key sustainable development issues. As a result, companies must be able to understand and manage their GHG risks if they are to ensure long-term success in a competitive business environment, and to be prepared for future national or international climate policies.

JEJAWI calculates and reports corporate GHG inventory that serves several business needs, including:


  • Managing GHG risks and identifying reduction opportunities

  • Public reporting and participation in voluntary carbon markets

  • Participating in mandatory reporting programs

  • Participating in emissions trading schemes

  • Recognition for early voluntary action

GHG Scope 1 2 3

collect & analyse

  • Identify emission sources and select quantification methodology

  • Collect data for the source and identify emission factors

  • Quantify emissions from individual emission sources

refer to

  • ISO 14064 is a standard developed under processes of the International Standards Organization (ISO)

  • The Greenhouse Gas Protocol provides accounting and reporting standards, sector guidance, calculation tools and trainings for businesses and local and national governments


  • GHG inventory for internal and/or external use

  • GHG metrics, targets, and performance

  • Materiality for Sustainability Reporting in accordance with GRI requirements

  • Infographics on GHG emissions for use on company website and marketing materials

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